Paint + Collagist Jo Dalgety - Meet the Artist

  • 5 June 2023

Jo Dalgety's beautiful mixed media work explores the markers that people leave within the landscape..

Artist Jo Dalgety: Why Do You Seek After It

  • 1 February 2023

Jo Dalgety is a landscape painter and collagist with her collection on display at Newmarket's Railway Street Gallery + Studios.

Hiatus proves too much for Pied Beauty

  • 28 December 2018

Jo Dalgety undertook a self-imposed, three month hiatus of art making.

Pocket Edition: small works for large walls 2016

  • 21 November 2016

Jo Dalgety is a landscape painter and the ten small works she exhibited in 'Pocket Edition' in 2015 were broody, dark and emotionally raw.

Pocket Edition: Small works for large walls

  • 15 July 2015

Jo Dalgety's paintings are a painterly collision between abstract expressionist, minimalism and the natural world.

The Collector's Collection: Warwick Henderson's Feedback

  • 26 October 2014

Dalgety has achieved this admirably with subtle washes of ultramarine, cobalt blue and sap green.


  • 24 February 2013

The most outstanding ones are by Jo Dalgety...

Anima Locus

  • 7 March 2010

Jo Dalgety adds a soft, misty sense of spirituality to her rich landscape paintings...

Our Amy's art is uncovered

  • 25 February 2010

Dalgety uses more traditional oils and watercolours, layering bright colours which glow through the earthy hues.

Anima Locus, Jane Ruck-Doyle

  • 1 February 2010

Jo employs the traditional media of oil paint and watercolour ...