The Collector's Collection: Warwick Henderson's Feedback

  • 26 October 2014

A strong landscape which depicts another aspect of the weather is Jo Dalgety’s “After Patinir: Crying aloud in the wilderness”.  While this painting is not a peopled landscape, Flemish artist Patinir has certainly proved inspirational.  Inspiration is a fine thing but the artist must then embrace this and conjure up a successful conclusion. Dalgety has achieved this admirably with subtle washes of ultramarine, cobalt blue and sap green.  While it could be said there is a degree of flexibility and artistic licence allowable when working with damp paper there is almost an element of luck involved too, as an overflow can be hard to correct.  Here the artist has reduced any rawness of colour with subtle washes and a line or two of graphite.

The Little Gallery of Fine Arts, Collector's Collection, 26th October 2014

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