Gallery visit - Julian Hooper Talking Pit

  • 7 March 2024

I've never visited this gallery before so thought it was time!

Artist Julian Hooper 'Talking Pit' at Ivan Anthony

Small paintings of varying sizes but approximately A4 size, and portrait format. They consisted of a canvas on a stretcher that sometimes had faux wood painted on it, like a frame. Each work was collaged with a rectangle of canvas that contained the main subject of the painting. Simply and carefully painted in acrylic. The collaged canvas looked to have been folded and unfolded before painting, so that the fold marks remained, although subtle.

The subjects of the paintings were like puzzles for the viewer to figure out, with clues within the painting and the title. Plus a little humour. Is 'Cruelty' being cruel to our eyes, or are they cut-off fingers?



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