Studio work

  • 11 March 2024

Since the February seminar, I've been tilted off balance in my work - just not sure of what I'm doing. Questions and comments from the presentation and also back to my interview have been circling in my head: symbols, colours, collage, and format. And I've been surprised, frustrated, and pleased at the tilt. It's why I'm here.

At the same time, I am working on about 6 small works for the Aotearoa Art Fair as I have an opportunity to display there under a section called PAPER. Not the best timing. But an opportunity I don't want to miss.

The questioning of my work resulted in this attempt - a map of the Hauraki Plains, especially the area that was the large Dalgety block, and also the Keith block (the next-door family my grandfather married into and part of which was inherited by my father).

Disappointed and frustrated at this work, I removed the black map lines and just worked without a plan. I relaxed and found pleasure in working, painting with collage. These are the results:

Looking back over these works, they appear to derive straight from my field trip in February. So more field trips are a must, thanks Julian! I also attended a talk with Judy Millar on Saturday 9th at Michael Lett Gallery. Her words about abstraction - that work does not necessarily come from a situation, but adds to a situation, were important to me.  I was given the okay to be abstract with my subject, and I did add to it.

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