Studio May 2024

  • 27 May 2024

Three different ideas percolating at the same time.

1. Following on from combining two images in the same painting, I've played with placing one image of a Kahikatea tree on top of the 2 paintings. To test it I tried a black charcoal/graphite image, but also using a a negative space image, a lost tree/forest. I've tested how to make the negative image of the tree so I can paint over it freely, not around it. I need large baking paper sheets or some taped together.

2. Layers of paintings in panels, with the top image a 'now' image of the Hauraki Plains - underneath is forest, peat, swamp.
3. A wall installation using one long panorama painting or a few smaller ones of the 'now' Hauraki Plains at eyeline, and underneath paintings of peat, swamp, flax, forest - coming down the wall and onto the floor (peat). This idea inspired by Onosiokhue Yakubu's work in the BA/BFA Degree Show 2024 Photo credit: Thomas Jenkins.
BA/BFA Degree Show 2024, Onosiokhue Yakubu, 2024 Photo credit: Thomas Jenkins 
I have black, olive green and brown paper which I have painted, representing the swamp peat and the floor of the forest. I also have 100% NZ flax paper on order.
Although nothing looks professionally finished at this stage, I'm happy with the ideas, the testing, the exploration.


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