Moving forward

  • 15 March 2024

I've been lucky to be invited to display some of my work at the Aotearoa Art Fair in a section called paper. A great opportunity, but slightly bad timing to coincide with the start of my MFA studio work. But I finished the last painting yesterday and woke this morning to freedom.

A small play and explore with some ideas.. based on my field trip to the Hauraki Plains, plus layers - geological layers, history layers.

Small watercolor studies (using leftover colour on my palette) trying to explore layers - hard edges, tape, no tape.

Enjoying the painting, the watercolour paints especially the super-granulated colours. More to come.

Layers with tape. I like the hard edge idea of the Plain.

Layers without tape. Not what I'm after.


And ideas re painting the old Hauraki Plains maps in watercolour, replicating the resulting chequerboard land. Studio days this week, plus a day in a Coromandel painting group, plus a Sunday spent painting en plein air on the Hauraki Plains as I return.



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