Field Trip Feb 24

  • 22 February 2024

Captain Cook's Landing site on Waihou River - 14 miles inland. And Waitakaruru Stream, looking south from Waitakaruru bridge.

Very hot, cloudless day - great for over heating and insects crawling across the paper. A sun hat next time. Are these 'misty-eyed pastoral motifs' (James Faure Walker)? I think so. How do I tell my story about the destruction of a wetland?

Could I paint these scenes e.g. flat land with horizon, some buildings, some trees - and tell the story through their titles, using words from colonials, lawmakers? An example might be: "exhaling pestilent vapours from rank & rotting vegetation, fall before the axe".

Not quite so appropriate for the 3 studies here with some river planting, and new Kahikatea.

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